Termini e condizioni generali

An apartment reservation led by the guest and also accepted by us establishes a contractual relationship between the lessor and the lessee, the Hotel accommodation contracts (single name for accommodation, guest host, Hotel- and Hotel room agreement).

At its core, the Hotel accommodation contract is a rental agreement. Hotel accommodation contracts are like all other contracts of civil right to observe them between the both contractors.

These terms and conditions apply to contracts for the rental of rooms or apartments for accommodation. The subleasing of the room and the use of the room for other purposes must be approved by us in written consent. Customers terms and conditions apply only if agreed in advance.

The agreement is legal through two mutually agreeing – verbally or written – declarations of intention, by the means of offer and receipt. Schaller-Apartments is free to confirm the room reservation in writing.

Contractors are Schaller-Apartments and the customer. If a third party placed the order, they shall be liable to Schaller-Apartments. Schaller-Apartments is liable for its obligations under the contract. The limitation period for all claims of the customer amounts to 6 months.

We are obligated to keep the booked apartments and to provide the stipulated services.

The customer is obligated to pay the stipulated prices named in the contract of Schaller-Apartments for the agreed further services and the room-leasing. This is also caused by the customer for services and expenses of the Schaller-Apartments to third parties. The stipulated prices include the respective sales tax.

Arrival usually after 15.00h.  One key can be picked up in a keybox at the house. The guest receives the code after providing all necessary information and payments. A second key will be in the apartment. The departure must be before 10:00h. The guest is requested to leave one key well visible in the apartment lock the door with the second one and place that key back in the keybox. If the guest does not leave the apartment until 10:00h, we reserve the right to demand the rent for the following day.

Once the guest has selected a free apartment, we send him a booking verification via email which includes all information he needs and the request, to send us a photo of his passport or identity card via emailand to give us a down payment to secure the booking.

We ask our guests to perform the payment of the booking security ( 25%, min. 50€ ) within 3 days. If we do not receive any payment within this period of time a reminder email will be sent to the guest with another deadline. If this second deadline is not met either, the reservation will be automatically canceled according to the terms of cancellation.

We reserve the right to refuse booking requests of less than 3 nights.

The local goverment charges each guest older than 14 years, to pay 1,5euros per night. This ammount will be added to the final sum and forwarded to the municipality.

until 22 days before arrival: no charge cancellation

14-21 days before arrival: 50% of the total

7-14 days before arrival: 70% of the total

up to 7 days before arrival: 90% of the total

Any complaints the guest has, have to be to addressed immediately to Schaller-Apartments (by phone or mail). Schaller-Apartments will investigate the complaint as quickly as possible, the latest within 24 hours of the complaint and, if able to, resolve the problem within that time period. Thereafter, the tenant is entitled to get a rent reduction. In case of delayed complaints, the right to change and loss is forfeited.

The loss of a key should be immediately reported to us. Any lost keys will cost 50€ each single key.. Bringing a spare key will cost € 20 till 20:00h, later 50 €.

If a tenant locks himself out, he is not entitled to assign a key service without authorization – He must first contact us. The possible costs of opening the door is attributable with the tenant.

Smoking in the apartment and the staircase is strictly prohibited. With option to smoke on the balconies, it is allowed, otherwise in the courtyard of the respective building. Any violations of this rule will be fined with 100€; the accomodation contract is terminated immediately – guests are not entitled to any claims for a refund of the payment for the nights they thereby lose.

Between 10 pm and 7 am as 1pm and 3pm legal periods of rest apply. During this time guests are to behave in a manner, in front of the house as well as in the staircase, so that neighbours are not disturbed.

We cannot accept any liability for baggage and valuables. Please make sure you tightly lock the door when leaving the apartment.

In case of damage or contamination of buildings or inventory the damage has to be replaced by the person responsible.

So far as the guest is provided with a car space on the yard resp. in the garage, no custody agreement comes into being. In case of loss or damage to the parked or maneuvered motor vehicles and their contents the landlord is not liable (except in case of malice and act of gross negligence).

After 22:00h attention is to be paid to low volume.

Please, listen to music and radio with headphones. If you are disturbed by other tenants or neighbours after 22:00h, you can always call us and we will immediately take care of it.

The staff of Schaller-Apartments are entitled to enter each room when needed.

In case of violations of any of the arrangements we are always entitled to terminate the accommodation contract without notice. The obligation of the guest to pay for the booked nights will remain.

Anyone who causes damage to the building and its equipment is liable for under the statutory provisions (also persons accompanying and organizers). Theft and vandalism will be reported to the police immediately.

Compensation for any damage or lost keys will be invoiced and has to be paid before the tenant departs.

For damages incurred by the guest Schaller-Apartments is only liable if the responsible party has acted grossly negligent.

For luggage in the apartment and motor vehicles that are parked on one of our underground car parks and bicycles that are parked in the courtyard or in front of the house, Schaller-Apartments is not liable.

Our short-term shared flats provide WLAN internet access. The following agreements take care of its use in the interests of all parties.

1. Permission for the joint use of WLAN internet access

The owner grants the guests the co-use of the WLAN internet access for the duration of their stay. The joint use is a free of charge service and may be revoked at any time. The guest must not allow the use of the WLAN to any third parties.

2. Access Data

Access is restricted by user name and password inputs. Access data (user name as well as password) are intended for the guest’s personal use only and may not be made available to a third party. The guests commit to keeping their access data secret. The owner has the right to change access data at any given time.

3. Risks of WLAN Use, Limitation of Liability

The guest is made aware of the fact that the WLAN solely facilitates access to the internet. – Anti-virus software or firewall are not available. The data transfer initiated using the WLAN happens unencryptedly. As a consequence the transmitted data may be visible to third parties. The owner particularly points out that there is a risk of malware (e.g. viruses, Trojan horses, worms etc.) getting on the terminal device during the use of the WLAN. The use of the WLAN takes place at the guest’s own risk. Kurzzeit-WG is not liable for any kind of damage to the guest’s computer originated through the use of the WLAN internet access.

4. Accountability and Release from Claims

The guest is being held accountable for all data transmitted through the WLAN, the use of fee-based services as well as any legal transactions. In case guests visit fee-based websites or incur a liability they bear the costs resulting from that. While using the WLAN the guests are obligated to comply with prevailing law. In particular the guest will use the WLAN:

  • neither to access nor to distribute immoral or illegal content;
  • neither to reproduce, distribute copyrighted assets nor to make them available;
  • with regards to the prevailing youth protection regulations;
  • neither to send nor to distribute harassing, defamatory or threatening contents;
  • not to submit mass-messages (Spam) and/or use it for any other form of improper advertisement

The guest releases Schaller-Apartments from any harm and third-party claims which rest on an illegal use of the WLAN by the guest and/or a violation of the agreements at hand; – this also covers costs and expenditures for the use resp. the protection against. Does the guest have to realize such an infringement and/or such a violation is present or imminent, the guest makes the owner of Schaller-Apartments aware of that circumstance